If you have no interest in the stock market and would just like to get the average market returns, all you need to do is find the best brokerage for your respective country in terms of the fee’s that they charge. Then you save monthly in the index funds you have selected, these are passive investments that do not have a portfolio manager and include every company within that fund. For example, a UK Index Fund would include all companies within the FTSE All-Share, which is over 600 companies! It has a yield of 3.80% immediately beating any pathetic interest rate from your bank, for a small fee of only 0.04%, what a bargain right!?

In the U.K. the best Index Funds are provided by Legal & General, and BlackRock under the term iShares. In the USA it’s usually the best idea to go with Vanguard as its founder, John Bogle, created the very first Index Fund back in 1975, with the idea that you don’t need to pay a glorified fund manager obscene fee’s to manage your money and usually underperform the market anyway!

For investment analysis, I have to recommend Seeking Alpha and not just because I’m a contributor there! They have many contributors who are professionals in their field, though for many of them you’ll have to pay for their monthly service. If you want to read FREE articles like my own, you simply enter your email address and create a username! You’ll be able to view new articles within the first 10 days, if you save them or print them off then you’re golden!

They have an earnings calendar for your portfolio so you can check for the Quarterly or Annual Reports, along with any news concerning the dividends you’ll be receiving.

If you’re trying to view an article older than 10 days you won’t be able to view it unless you subscribe to PRO membership, which currently charges a rate of $19.92 a month.

If you live in the U.K. and would like to open a Stocks & Shares ISA, Hargreaves Lansdown is the largest broker in the country. They have nearly close to 1.1 million clients with assets under administration totaling £88.8 billion as of 30th April 2018. I use these for my portfolio as I consider their charges to be among the cheapest in the U.K., and they are guaranteed to have the lowest Index fee’s, which is exactly what a passive investor wants!

For USA investors I’ve been told TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers, M1finance, and Robinhood are all good choices!

For those who are serious about investing and would like to beat the market, some reading is required!

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham (This guy was Warren Buffett’s tutor!)

The Warren Buffet Stock Portfolio – Mary Buffett (Why Warren Buffett picked the companies that he did to make him the 3rd wealthiest person alive)

The Single Best Investment – Lowell Miller (This is the equivalent of the Bible for Dividend Growth orientated investors)

Money, Master The Game – Tony Robbins (The steps you need to take to ensure your financial freedom, also contains interviews with some of the best financial experts in the world)

Unshakeable – Tony Robbins (This shows market psychology and also considers your own during a stock market crash)

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