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The portfolio will be updated at the closing bell on the last trading day of the month.

It’s worth noting that the portfolio gains and total return will be skewed as it’s mainly a USA based portfolio, and being a UK investor I have to deal with the GBPUSD exchange rate. This portfolio was formed in 2017 at an exchange rate of 1.20, this would mean the total return is actually closer to 18% for the 1.5 years. Total return is not as important to me as it would be a growth/momentum investor, my main focus is high income that can compound on top of itself.

I had a very successful portfolio before which held common names you would expect, Apple, Boeing, Disney, MasterCard, Facebook among others. If you would like to read why I transitioned to a more high-yield based portfolio you can find the link here.

I would rather have a £500,000 portfolio producing £30,000 than a £1,000,000 portfolio producing the same amount but with higher growth. I like to be paid now rather than later! That being said I still have some dividend growth stocks to guarantee I achieve moderate income growth with a high yield, rather than double-digit growth with a low yield.

Last Updated: 6th December 2018



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Weighting by Sector & Dividend


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31/8/2018 – £39,838
28/9/2018 – £38,898
31/10/2018 – £38,921
30/11/2018 – £38,958

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