My Goal

The goal is to be financially free and to have the option to leave work whenever I want to. However, if I surpass my goal and still find work enjoyable, I will continue to earn until that’s no longer the case.

Portfolio Allocation & Goal

A 50 stock portfolio consisting of:
10 Business Development Companies (RICs)
10 Real Estate Investment Trusts (RICs)
10 High Yield Domestic Stocks
10 Dividend Growth Domestic Stocks
7 Master Limited Partnerships, not just covering the energy sector
3 Low-Cost Index Funds (covering the Developed Markets, Emerging Markets, and Global Real Estate)

The goal is to save until the income comfortably passes my salary of £33,000 as then I will have the freedom of retiring if I wish, or continue to work in order to have a more lavish lifestyle. If I continue to save at least £7,000 a year, I should hit that figure in 15 years time at the age of 45, though I’m quite happy to continue working until I reach 50 years old. Even after I retire, I’ll still be reinvesting any unspent income with the hopes of growing it to £100,000 per year before I die.

Website Goals

I intend to publish investment analysis on a high yield or dividend growth company every day, though some days I may be unavailable. My first child will be born in September, so I may also be suffering from sleep deprivation! I promise to do the best I can for my loyal subscribers and to give you up-to-date and relevant news on potential investments.

I would like to achieve at least 50,000 views a month, working up to 150,000 or more. This should be achievable going by the views I’ve achieved on Seeking Alpha, though it all depends on how many go to this website and show their support.

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