I’m On Vacation, I’ll Be Back Soon!

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From 25th June to 2nd July I’ll be on vacation with my pregnant fiancee for some much-needed rest for both of us, as this will be our last vacation before becoming parents.

I will be taking my laptop with me so it’s possible that I may still publish an article or 2 if I find time during the night, I may be able to write about my dividend income for June, but I usually have to wait until the 3rd/4th to receive my dividends from companies outside of the UK.

There are no companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average that I consider cheap enough to buy right now. Only 7 companies need to release their annual report with Nike (NYSE: NKE) expecting to publish on 29th June followed by Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) on 20th July.

Over in the UK, I’m working on updating my FTSE 100 spreadsheet so I can do further research on the companies that pass my quality and valuation screen. Only 2 out of 37 companies I consider to be cheap enough to buy right now, these are Imperial Brands (LSE: IMB) and International Consolidated Airlines Group (LSE: IAG).

I’ll try to update my screen as soon as possible so I can keep track of when the companies release their annual reports. This will then allow me to get my research to you!

Happy Investing!

Nick Mackintosh

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