I’m Now A Dad! Goodbye Sleep!

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Hey everyone, I’m terribly sorry for not posting last month, as mentioned in my Dividend Income Report , August 2018, my fiancee was due to give birth within 2 weeks of that post with the possibility of being induced earlier due to her high blood pressure.

My fiancee was induced on the 11th and my daughter was born after 23 hours of contractions. We were blessed with a healthy baby with no complications and by natural birth. I would like to introduce my beautiful daughter Rebekah, born on 12th September weighing 7.57lbs (3.43kg).

To be honest, even when it was close to the due date I thought I would be prepared for the sleepless nights and the 2-3 hour routine of feeding/changing but damn is it hard! My paternity leave was over after 2 weeks so I feel bad for my fiancee when I’m working. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, we’re eagerly awaiting the day when Rebekah sleeps through the night at HOPEFULLY 6 months.

Newborn Products I Recommend

When we first came back home we tried to sleep in the bedroom with Rebekah in her baby box, but she would never settle down. We realized after using a Gro-Egg Room Thermometer that the room was 25c! We’ve tried keeping the window and door open to improve circulation but the temperature of the room hasn’t dipped below 22c. We’ve resorted sleeping in the living room on the sofa until the weather gets cooler. If anyone is expecting a child I highly recommend The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, its simple to understand with 4 identifiable colours and all you have to do is plug it in!

Another problem we’ve faced is Rebekah seems to eat too fast, though this could be due to overactive let-down? Being a guy I’m only going by what my fiancee has told me! We noticed Rebekah spits up quite often and would be quite gassy and have hiccups that would literally last for 30-45 minutes. Since she is breastfed we decided to go for the MAM Bottles For Newborns, this is due to the teat resembling the nipple and it allows the milk to flow slowly.

We’ve seen a huge improvement and we couldn’t be happier with them!

Investing For My Child’s Future

For this section of the post I would just like to show you lovely readers that I do practice what I preach! One of my very first posts, How To Open A Stocks And Shares ISA In The UK, I gave a list of indexes that are recommended for passive investors based on asset allocation.

With money given from relatives I’ve selected the same indexes for Rebekah, and money will be automatically invested every month. These will be the Developed Markets & Emerging Markets, that’s why I gave a large allocation to Real Estate as the position will be diluted over time.


My Dividend Income Report

My Dividend Income Report, September 2018 will be published tomorrow and I’ll make an effort to publish articles on some of the companies that have reported earnings and my thoughts on them.

I would like to thank you for your patience in this new chapter as I try to figure out a routine where I can handle my new responsibilities as a father and also as a blogger where I hope to give valuable information to fellow bloggers and investors.

I would just like to end with a meme that I found hilarious as 2 of my friends recently came back from visiting the USA and complained of being tired, now I understand how other parents felt whenever I complained! Until next time, happy investing and feel free to support me by subscribing by email and commenting below!


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