Dividend Income Report, July 2018

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Hey everyone and welcome to my Dividend Income series! This will be for you to see the income I receive from my Stocks & Shares ISA and the changes compared to the previous year. The great thing about investing is that you get paid several times a year by the companies you’ve put money into! So not only do you get a paycheck from your employer, you also get paid several times a month from extremely well run businesses.

Now to give a quick life update, after my holiday we’ve been blasted by a heat wave that left me and my pregnant partner physically exhausted most days, lacking the energy to do anything besides my full-time job. I’ve also recently injured my forearm, which now has a large and deep graze that removed most of my skin. This was due to a fall at work and as I tried to save myself by putting my hands down I caught my arm on a sharp object. The result was me looking like a knife victim! OK, time to stop feeling sorry for myself and tell you about my income!


This is a sad state of affairs as I’ve basically committed the same offense as last month! No investments were made other than the £125 into my indexes, shame on me!

My reasoning remains the same, preparing for parenthood and having to purchase items such as https://www.myfirstbabybox.co.uk/shop/ even though its free for residents of Scotland, but not England, so not fair! We did also treat ourselves to the Hard Rock Cafe in London, Mayfair. A restaurant we love and always visit when we’re in the USA, fun fact for everyone, it’s the very first restaurant that Hard Rock Inc. opened in 1971.

In a few days, I will be using fresh capital and dividends collected to add to an existing position, so you’ll have to wait until the August report to find out more.

Dividends Received

For July I received income from 15 holdings, these will be listed below compared to the same period the previous year. As I explained in the June Report, I was expecting a decrease in my income due to no longer holding my leveraged products due to legislation changes.

Company July 2017 July 2018 Change
Apollo Commercial Real Estate £19.77 £19.69 -0.40%
Blackstone Mortgage Trust £19.85 £19.80 -0.25%
Chatham Lodging Trust £5.30 £5.35 0.94%
Dynex Capital £20.19 £20.43 1.19%
EPR Properties £6.20
Gladstone Investment Corp £7.17 £7.61 6.14%
Ladder Capital Corp £17.08 £18.49 8.26%
Lexington Realty Trust £25.82 £26.08 1.01%
New Residential Investment £67.81 £68.54 1.08%
PennantPark Floating Rate £9.11
PennantPark Investment £23.87 £24.04 0.71%
Solar Senior Capital £17.42
Stag Industrial £7.86 £7.94 1.02%
WP Carey Inc £16.01 £16.29 1.75%
InfraCap MLP ETF £19.71
Old Positions £109.56
£340.29 £286.70 -15.75%


Dividend Changes Announced In July

Nothing to report here I’m afraid, can’t expect a dividend increase every month, can we?

Many companies in the portfolio published quarterly earnings that were positive, this includes Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Apollo Commerical, New Residential Investment, Stag Industrial and Ladder Capital.

Oxford Square Capital missed their estimates but they have been steadily improving after being hit hard by their exposure to oil back in 2016.

If my holdings continue to post strong earnings results, it’s only normal to assume that a few of them may announce a dividend increase, maybe I’ll get a few in August!

To any dividend bloggers or investors following my website, feel free to leave a comment below telling me how you did!

Nick Mackintosh

My name is Nicholas Mackintosh and I’m the Creator and Founder of HelpingTheLittleGuy.com I created this website to help anyone looking for a way to save and earn more with their money. Knowledge is given freely in order to give you a fair shake in a system that is determined to keep you poor, preventing you from having the lifestyle you deserve.

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TruckerDerek · August 10, 2018 at 12:15 am

Nice job on that dividend income for the month! I see we both hold a few of the same companies (Solar Senior Capital and Dynex). Can’t wait to see what August pays you.

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