About Me

My name is Nicholas Mackintosh and I’m the Creator and Founder of HelpingTheLittleGuy.com

I created this website to help anyone looking for a way to save and earn more with their money. Knowledge is given freely in order to give you a fair shake in a system that is determined to keep you poor, preventing you from having the lifestyle you deserve.

I have an average salary in London working a full-time job as a Train Shunter Driver, while working freelance as an investment analyst for Seeking Alpha. My articles can be found here along with my ranking on TipRanks.com. In the world of finance I’m 100% self-taught, having started nearly 5 years ago amassing a small library of 20+ books on the subject.

My recommendations have been featured in Shares Magazine, and I’ve frequently been featured in the top 10 Trending Articles on Seeking Alpha. The website has been cited by the WallStreetJournal for its ability to beat the professionals and has traffic averaging 25 million visitors a month.

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