USA Company Analysis

My Crosshairs Are On Target

The company published its Q1 report on May 23rd and declined 5.3% after missing analyst estimates Margin compression has caused fears over future performance Were the results really that bad, or are investors focusing too much on wall street predictions Target has increased dividends for 50 years in a row with Read more…

New To Investing

How To Open A Stocks and Shares ISA in the UK.

My goal here at Helping The Little Guy is to get ordinary people, like you, to care more about your money and to help you receive a higher rate of income than you would otherwise find from the list of Individual Savings Accounts currently being offered. Looking at the aptly Read more…

New To Investing

Why Should You Invest?

The First Problem, INFLATION How is your savings account looking lately? It’s hard to get excited when the figure staring back at you is between 0.50%-1.35%. With current inflation levels in the UK at 2.50% and even 3.00% at the beginning of 2018, your net worth and spending power are Read more…

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